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    Peter Schieffelin Nyberg was very successful in medical sales and services, until the internet bubble burst. Due to his success in the digital healthcare arena, Peter Schieffelin Nyberg challenged himself to succeed by becoming an entrepreneur in 2002.


    Peter Schieffelin Nyberg opened 21CD, a digital marketing business. Over the next ten years, Peter’s business thrived at times and struggled at others. 21CD morphed and was renamed 21Digital. As the market became saturated, the business evolved to become Ingage Inc.


    After ten years as an entrepreneur, Peter Schieffelin Nyberg transitioned again as the company folded. Moving forward, Peter Schieffelin Nyberg became a business consultant.

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    A career in the non-profit industry can be personally rewarding. And while most people don’t enter the field for the pay, you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle as well. Peter Schieffelin Nyberg, the Chief Financial Officer of the Camino Health Center, is going to share some tips for succeeding in...
    What goes into a name? When it comes to branding, hopefully, a lot of thought and purpose. These days, markets are crowded, people are busy, and so many things beg for our attention. Whether you’re running a nonprofit, business, or another organization, you need to take branding seriously. Peter...
    September 22, 2021
    Peter Schieffelin Nyberg is a creative executive with extensive background in the health care, digital marketing and financial services industries. He brings entrepreneurial energy and skills to new and established organizations. Peter improves operations and solves complex problems in large and...
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